• DM: You want to play 'The Sound of Silence' on a... blade of grass?
  • Paladin: Yeah.
  • DM: You'll need to make three checks. Roll for Craft, a Bluff check to maintain your disguise, and a Perform.
  • Paladin: *Rolls an 3, a 20, and a 3*
  • DM: You go to pluck a blade of grass, but instead of neatly grabbing just one, you pull up a chunk of turf and have to shake the dirt off the end. Your Paladin turns and gives the enemy commander a 'I'm about to rock your world' look - he seems into it, surprisingly. She brings the blade of grass up to her lips, and...
  • Paladin: And?
  • DM: *makes a raspberry noise*
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I can’t wait to see what atlus does to you, fluffy megane protagonist (ʘ‿ʘ) 

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what if

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be still my heart

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i like to think that persona 5 protag wears a pin that says “2” on it because while he’s ambitious and self-confident he still recognizes that kei nanjo is the number 1 man in all of japan

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Princess Jellyfish Cover Art

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"You are the one who wished for me."

Have I mentioned how much I like Jun? He has everything I want in a character: lots and lots of suffering. P2:IS is all about dreams and daddy issues and both get especially twisted where he’s concerned.

(drew a thing but MAJOR SPOILERS)

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Persona Protagonists

  • Persona: Mysterious Nerd
  • Persona 2: Rebellious Nerd
  • Persona 3: Emo Nerd
  • Persona 4: Outgoing Nerd
  • Persona 5: Nerd Nerd





AHHH LOOK AT HIM he’s adorable